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Anonymous said: Will you post more of your long distance relationship comic or post where you can buy it??

Yes! I will post what I have. It’s still on-going but I haven’t worked on it in a while.

sketchbook stuffs

sketchbook stuffs

9th September 2013

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I was busy compiling a complete list of all the CONTEST entries when I saw that Mr. Rhodes beat me to it. CHECK IT OUT!!! Please reblog.


Here’s the final list of all the Comicsworkbook Competition 2013 entries, in alphabetical order by title.

(Triangle Circle Square) by Alexander Tanazefti
A Cramped, Well Pressurized Place by Scott Kroll
A Kat, A Brick, A Mouse, A Dog or Comics: A Vast Waste Land by Paul
A Poorly Edited…

ohhhh nooooooO!!!!!

ohhhh nooooooO!!!!!

3rd September 2013

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My submission for the comics workbook composition competition.

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